A Friluftsliv støry

"Hello, I'm Liz, Co- founder of OUTSY Kids. As a mother of two energetic boys, I understand the joy and mess that comes with their love for the outdoors, regardless of the unpredictable weather.

In my quest to find the perfect outerwear for my adventurous pair, I explored various options on the market – separates, all-in-ones, dungarees – but none quite met the mark for seamless usability. None provided that ideal combination of allowing kids to dive into outdoor fun swiftly and return indoors just as effortlessly.

At OUTSY Kids, we've crafted a solution born out of personal experience and a passion for outdoor exploration. Our mission is to offer parents and kids alike outerwear that not only protects against the elements but does so with unmatched ease.

Join us in embracing the joy of outdoor play, minus the fuss.

Join us in embracing the joy of outdoor play, minus the fuss.

OUTSY Kids - your go-to for a seamless blend of practicality and adventure!"

Easy tø use

The Leif rainsuit is a combination of jacket and trousers attached together with a hidden, internal and adjustable back panel. It's ergonomically designed to zip off and walk out of without the need to remove footwear – the first of its kind.


"Discover the essence of Friluftsliv with OUTSY Kids – where outdoor living meets practicality and style. Having spent a lifetime immersed in the stunning landscapes of Norway, where my very first steps were taken on a Norwegian beach, I've come to appreciate the profound impact of Friluftsliv on physical and mental well-being.

Friluftsliv, pronounced [free•loofs•leev], is the Norwegian philosophy of embracing outdoor living regardless of the weather. Inspired by the Norwegians' unyielding commitment to staying connected with nature, OUTSY Kids was born, and with it, The Leif rainsuit.

Drawing inspiration from Scandinavia's reputation for effortlessly blending style with functionality, The Leif rainsuit embodies the spirit of Friluftsliv. Our mission at OUTSY Kids is to bring this Nordic ethos into your daily life, allowing you and your little ones to experience the joy of the outdoors with a touch of Scandinavian flair. Step into the world of OUTSY Kids and embrace the art of living outdoors, inspired by the enduring elegance of Friluftsliv."